Few words about this blog and a paper

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetHi,

First of all I would like to thank for visiting my blog and I hope you will stay with us. We’ll try publishing 2 posts per week.

Our first post is about paper and some questions I heard during my work in flower shop. And I don’t think about paper for present but paper which isn’t always beautiful but it’s practicable, paper which is used to wrap bouquets and flowers.

First question that I heard most the time is: why it’s so ugly?! And let me be honest, I saw in my life really ugly papers to wrapping flowers and I have no idea where they come from and who designed them. Cars, princess, flowers, some different to get it abstract designs. But! There’s hope for our eyes because when you buy something beautiful you want to wrap it in something pretty too. For me great alternative for this ugly as hell brown paper. Remember, when paper is pretty it could be “a part of a plan” and you can keep it on.

Question number 2: is it really that important? Believe me or not they’re must and it’s one of the ways to make your flowers live longer. When it’s winter there’s is to big difference between temperatures in shop and outside. When it’s summer you can literally burnt-out your fresh bouquet on the sun.

Don’t take it off till you aren’t at home or while  you give it away. Protip: if you bought bouquet one day and you give it on the next day, don’t take it off for night because you’ll need this paper as well as you just needed it.

Hope you’ll remember about it when you’ll be next time in flower shop!

See you soon!





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