It’s all about the season

Welcome back!

Today we’re talking about seasons and spring which is finally (almost) in Poland. Spring for me is really important season, because of the flowers *off course*.

Since few years it’s so fashionable to eat veges and fruits when it’s naturally time for them to grown, when it’s fall you don’t eat strawberries but when it’s summer you it them till your face is pink and you’ve green hairs. And I have a dream to make that happen with flowers, please, use what mother of nature gave you right now and stop buying those elderflowers in february. I love them as lily of the valley and so many other which are berrys of flowers.

I won’t write here ecological reasons to not buying them, I will say: do it for yourself, wait, feel the moment and then keep waiting for yours favorits till next time.

To show you how fun it could be (yes, I just wrote that waiting is fun) we’ll publish at the end of every month our favorites flowers which just showed up or are quickly leaving this party.

If you don’t like changes, you should fall in love with roses. They’re in every flower shop in any shape, size and color. If you think they’re boring, only in red and ugly you didn’t see THE ONE rose which is made for you. Right now I’m all about the biggest roses from Ecuador, especially when they’re white or pink.

But, let’s back on truck. Please make that challange be apart of your life (#seasonalflowes).

Just know, if you’re reading this paragraf you’re making my heart grow (in healthy way, don’t call Cristina Yang), now lets talk about flowers from the pictures below and above. To make that composision my mother use: few grape hyacints, daffodils, small amount of soil, fresh moss and very old flowerpot for bonsais. If you had bonsai or saw bonsai you should notice that they have specific pot, which is relative shallow. For me bonsais’re some kind of magic stuff, from diffrent galactic. Unfortunatly our bonsai died few year ago but we’ve this beautiful vintage pot. Which is heavy, have 2 huge holes and  that’s why there isn’t any flowers in it which could live long. But after many talks, my mother finally used it. Because it’s so shallow this composission was super easy to do.  Just put flower in, then add some soil in places where you need it, add moss and let magic bud.

Fun twist is that we never had that kind of daffodil, which is beautiful, for me it looks alike dandelion but is much nicer.

Maintenance is very easy, you just need to gush some water on it. After flowers fade you can cut the leafs, clean corms, put it in papier, wrap and after few days put it in fridge, where you keep your vegetables. After this, they’ll be ready for fall, when you can plant them.

See you soon!



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