3 sins of customers 

Friday night is the best time for gossip, isn’t? Let talk about sins of customers, I will show you mine 3 favorites . Don’t worry, we’ll have post about florists as well. Let’s do this!

#1 Having secrets
My personal advice for you it’s thing before you go to the flower shop how much you can/want spend. It’s one of this stores where you actually can say it and please do this. I don’t know why, but some people think that when they won’t say how much they want spend they’ll save money. We all want spend less money then we do, but that’s not the best way because when florist know how much you have she or he can show you more options you can potentially like and you get what you want much faster. Remember it isn’t all about money but knowledge is power.

#2 But don’t tell everything
For some customers, sometimes florist is like a bartender. Sometimes is nice but sometimes weirder then usually. My favorite story is about men who was buying 2 bouquets few years ago on Valentine’s Day. He choose the same bouquet for two woman of his life, his wife which was also our client and his lover which I think we didn’t know. I can assure you it was definition of “too much information”.

#3 “please don’t touch”
Flower shop is specific place and if there is sign “please don’t touch” it’s there for some reason, for example, so you can buy beautiful flowers and not something that was touched by hundreds of hands. My favorite story in that topic is about some elegant lady which was really curious how the wreath was made and to see it she had to put down the “do not touch” sign. When my mom ask her why she is touching it she said she didn’t know she can’t and when my mom show her sign which she was still holding she said “how I could read that if I can’t touch that?!”. I’ll leave it here so you can for that question.

See you soon!



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