Glass frame





Having beautiful flowers isn’t the end of a journey, like picture needs frame flowers needs it too, it could be flower pot or vase or jar or anything you have.
I remember one vase which my mother bought for her client which was inspired by painting in her office, it was oval, grey vase, made of gypsum and it had strips. Because it was beautiful in itself any flower in it had that “wow effect” and that is the truth about that element of living with flower.

But you don’t have to rob the bank, you can use literally anything. For example, during last summer we used paper cubs from Ikea as vase for picnic.
Few words about composition from the pictures, making somet

hing in bell jar it’s easy, you need floral foam, piece of cardboard, flowers and bell jar – truly, finding the perfect one is the hardest part. Remember to make your compositions a little bit smaller then your bell jar because it doesn’t look good when flowers lean on it.
Making something in jar is even easier then bell jar because you can treat it like flower pot, the key to success is to choose the best plants. I prefer moss and plants with small cont roots.
Hope you’ll try make your own! When your piece of art will be ready tag us on the Instagram.
See you soon!





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