Flower of the month #1


Remember my first post? I wrote there that I’ll be choosing flowers of each month. I wasn’t sure which flower I should pick for march till I saw this little one I knew that this is it.

In the picture you can see Barcelona which is variant of tulips. Why tulip? Because it’s one of the flowers which I imagine when I’m waiting for spring. There’s something magical in this flower because in one moment it could look like “leave me alone I’m almost dead” and in other, after drinking water, it can look like “hey, hope you feel as good as I’m? Hope so!”. But important tip, in vase where your tulips will be should be minimal amount of water because it’ll grown too fast (water will be for it like fast food for people). Only exception is when they really need watering (maybe you were walking with your bouquet for an hour and they loose every drop of water), in that case, after cutting ends of stalks wrap it in the paper and put it in the case with large amount of water for an hour and they should be saved!

Last but not least, how to buy the best tulips? Maybe you’ll think it’s ironic but don’t buy tulips which colors are 100% saturated, as you can see in the pictures, when you choose tulips like this you can see their transformation from “bland” to “wow”. Don’t choose tulips with yellow or pale green leafs it’s always but sign.

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you have your own Flower of the march share it with us in comment.

See you soon,



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