Stay with me as long as you can 


I want to tell you short story about living with cut flowers. We all want them to stay with us as long as it’s possible. But, can we help them? Yes, absolutely and today I would like to share with you some tricks about it.

Let be honest, the key to success is buying right flowers, when I write “right” I mean as fresh as you can find. For example, when you buy roses which was in flower shop since 2 weeks there are no magic tricks which can help you, unfortunately they time of fade will come sooner than you would like.

When you have proper flowers it’s much easier, but you have to be systematic.

First step: as fast as you come home you need to cut end of stalks (it’s important even if florist did it 30 minute ago). In most cases you should cut stalks at an angle (exceptions for example is gerbera).

Second step: change water in the vase and cut stalks everyday. Optional you can buy in flower shops special products which kills bacteria in water, in this case you don’t change it.

Off course some flowers needs more care, I’ll show you them late. This is basic version of caring for flowers.

See you soon



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