Fragrance flowers dos and don’ts


Today I want to talk with you about fragrance flowers. I think that floral scent is the most popular smell use to make fragrances and it isn’t without a reason. Smell of blooming cherries, elderflower in park, or subtle aroma of lily of the valley. In flower shop most customers smell roses to see if they’re real and which of them is better (watching movies you can see that person who gets bouquet do the samen thing, because aroma stay with you longer and it takes you somewhere else). But as with perfumes, fragrant flowers can also be exaggerated, that’s why I make list of dos and don’ts for you.

The intensity of the scent depends on individual preferences, but there’re some rules that might be useful and help you prevent little aroma disaster.


In bigger room you can use more fragrant flowers because aroma will be less intense. One day I was decorating a large hall in Palace of Culture and Science (you can find pictures on my Instagram) where I use lots of tulips, the hall was prepared day before the event so tulips have to be as fresh as possible. The next day it turned out that some of them smell, over the entire room floated a delicate cloud of scent. All the guests were wondering what it was for smell and it was a 10 meters above their head tulips. I was so happy it turned that way because aroma of flower sometimes can ruined the effect (did you ever smelled sea ​​lavender? If not, just think about odor of cat litter box, it’s beauty and the beast at the same time).

Remember to take them out of the bedroom for night whenever possible.


Different places needs different flowers. If you use them in centerpiece, better will be if you use gently fragrance because when smell of food and flowers meet it’ll be overwhelming combination and flowers should by beautiful background and not giving you headache

Think about your guests. Even if you love extremely intense fragrances don’t use flowers like this if you’re expecting other people, unfortunately somebody could be allergic and at least will be scratching themselves. Not a pretty picture.

Don’t mix hyacinths with other flowers (if you really would like to do that, there’s simple trick which will help you. You shouldn’t mixing them because of the mucus produced by them, to get rid of it, soak the hyacinth stalks in lukewarm water – this rule also applies to daffodil).
Best way to deal with fragrance flowers is to use them as fragrances, think about them this way and you’ll be fine. Remember it should be beautiful background not the killer.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

See you soon,



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