Flower of April


It’s final time to named flower of April, don’t you think? This time we choose hyacinth. Why? Because it smells beautiful, looks gorgeous, it’s easy to maintain and April’s the best month to buy them (if you have lucky you can still find them in your local flower shop, but only cuted and from Holland).

I wrote that it’s easy to care for them, but how you can do this? There’re 3 ways depending of which kind you have?

If you have cuted hyacinths in vase, you need to care about 2 things: they don’t like having too many water and they don’t like company of other flowers (check out our last post to find out what you need to do to change it).

Hyacinths in your garden are the easiest one, the only thing you need to think about is good planting (there’s one rule you should remember and your life in garden will be better, put the onion flowers to a depth of 3 lengths of their onion). It’s not much work, isn’t it?

Last but not least, hyacinths in flower pots, they require the most care. First, when they loose blossom you need to cut off the stem, next clean the onion, then dry it and chill it in the fridge in the place where you hold the vegetables. Late autumn plant it again and start watering them and see them again before you can enjoy them again. Just remember to keep the flower pot in cool place.

Hope you like hyacinths as much as we’re. Do you have different flower of April? If yes, please write it below in comment.

See you next time,



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