About us

Welcome to Flowers Paper Scissors, blog which is made by Beata and her daughter Marta. You’ll see here posts about everything which it’s in name of these page. We’ll try to use proffesional experience of my mother, show you some inspirations or DIY ideas.

Now few words about us.

Beata is florist since 1992 and she worked in flower shop in Germany and currently in Poland. Her journey started in Poznan, where she owned, with her best friend, flower shop. She loves making wreaths and doing something with paper. Last summer she became a gardener because of few tomatoes which we had on the balcony (this season we’re planing to make it happen one more time, so stay tuned).

As daughter, if someone would ask me  for one word to describe her I would choose: savage. Besides flowers and all about DIY she love irony

And me. My name is Marta and I have honor to help my mother with this blog. I’m a student of administraction and sociology. I’m an author of picture which you can see on our Instagram. I love flowers and I can kill them in sooo many ways it’s embarassing. I’m proud when I see what my mother can do with her hands and I hope I’ll be able to show you her talents.